something about mary

Hey! Nice to meet you.

I write video games, comics, and non-fiction. Critics seem to like it. I work at Insomniac Games and was a lead writer on Telltale’s The Walking Dead series.

Before writing games, I studied their history and how to make them at NYU, in the master’s game design program. I teach interactive writing workshops at Indiana University and am looking for more opportunities to teach. And once upon a time, I wasn’t in games at all, but wrote about crime, sports, and corporate America: I spent three years working as an award-winning journalist and magazine editor, appearing in The New York Times, Salon, and Kotaku.

When I’m not writing, reading, or playing a game, you can find me:

  • gushing over my dog and/or cat

  • baking something sugary and delicious

  • watering— probably over-watering— my forest of indoor plants

  • trying to conquer battle ropes. they are the worst

  • wandering around downtown LA to look at green spaces & street art