writing samples

The following samples treat in-game scenes as linear, bypassing dialogue options and gameplay. More samples are available upon request.



The Confrontation (Drama)

In the final scene of the episode, Clementine, a teenager and the game’s protagonist, confronts Marlon, the leader of a community of teenagers. Marlon murdered a girl named Brody and traded two others, Sophie and Minerva, to raiders. The net closes around Marlon as Clementine exposes his sins.

Watch the full version of the scene as it appears in-game here.

Think for HeR (Historical Fiction)

I created this Twine game for the Telltale Creative Workshop. Written in screenplay format, this story follows two women police officers in 1953 Skara Stennes, Scotland. As they investigate the politically-motivated Pillar Box War, they’re faced with their own struggles at home and on the force.
Time to play: 10-12 min
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