Lonely in the L.P.G.A. - The New York Times: “I’m very lonely. If I hear a sound,” she added, looking toward the garage, “it’s very scary.”

A Crooked Odyssey - Hearst Journalism Awards Program: Lee’s crooked odyssey tapped into our most primal fears, revealing our confusion about punishment, forgiveness and the limits of freedom.

Neverwinter Nights Made Me Love Games - Kotaku: The combination of heartfelt storytelling and having the chance to make a story my own drew me into the gaming world, and I haven’t left it since.

Diversity Isn’t Visible - The Alumni Society Magazine: A myriad of perspectives—the invisible type of diversity—exists within this organization. To explore this idea, the Society asked members: which roles define how you see yourself?

Provo Rising - Profile Magazine: The etching of Provo, Utah, a “strange little port settlement,” shows long, rectangular buildings that form a square around settlers and wagons.

The Inimitable Paul Chadha - Modern Counsel Magazine: Twelve years ago, Paul Chadha took on pro bono work to help out theaters in his native Chicago, and a chance encounter with an actor introduced him to the most impactful project of his life

Delhi gang rape trial sparks Indian media frenzy - Salon: Priyanka interrupted him, “This concept of women in distress, so passive and weak … it’s just pathetic. It doesn’t help in any way. It victimizes the women again.”

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